Why insects ?

Edible insects have a wide range of nutritional qualities, they are easy and quick to breed, need very little water and space, transform a high percentage of what they eat (mostly vegetable waste) into proteins, and emit low levels of greenhouse gas.

It’s clear that compared to proteins derived from animals like cows, chickens and pigs, the proteins derived from bugs are far better, especially under an environmental point of view.It is no coincidence that in 2015 FAO (the world’s Food and Agriculture Organization) indicated insects as the source of proteins that will be able to satisfy the growing global needs.

Let’s see in practice which are the nutritional properties of edible bugs; of course, these vary substantially depending on the type.

100 gr of cricket flour contain on average:

388 Kcal
58 gr Proteins
15 gr Carbs
0.0 gr Sugar
9.6 gr Fat (4.0 of which saturated)
0.3 gr Salt
8.4 gr Fibres

100 gr of Buffalo Worms (Alphitobius Diaperinus) flour contain:

510 Kcal
59.6 gr Proteins
2 gr Carbs
0.0 gr Sugar
28.7 gr Fat (10.1 of which Saturated)
0.9 gr Salt
3.7 gr Fibres

And then iron, Omega, essential amino-acids and much more!

Pretty good, right?

We suggest you to compare the nutritional properties of our products with those of the products you usually use.

It’s easy, and you’ll make your pets happy!